As established in our homepage, we are a tour guide company looking to keep you informed about all the great places in Amsterdam. For now, let us look at the restaurant industry in Amsterdam.

Here, reservation is not a must. However, the city is always busy, and that means there will always be people in the restaurants. The wise thing to do is book the hotel early enough so that even if there are so many people, your space will be reserved. There are various types mainly distinguished by the cuisine. For example, you will find Italian cuisine, African cuisine, Spanish, Thai and Indian cuisine among more.

Here is a list of the top three restaurants in Amsterdam


It is named after the owner Jean Beddington who was a British chef. She opened this restaurant in 1983 and having Derbyshire roots, Asian influences and having lived in Japan and Dutch, she was able to make the unique and stylish foods which made so many people want to visit the place. Here you will find soy concoction which is usually served with mashed sweet potato, wasabi, and tuna steak among more foods.

It is a serene hotel even if it is not strategically located. So, if you are looking for a hotel that will serve you with different types of foods or one that has great creativity, Beddington is the place to go.


If you are looking for a restaurant that has the friendliest and professional staff, this is the place to be. Once you get to the hotel, there will be someone to guide you and to explain to you the entire menu.

Vinkeles is a hotel located in a place which was previously a Catholic bakery. It is named after a famous painter known as Michelin – starred Vinkeles. The restaurant has a unique interior design which allows the customers to feel relaxed and comfortable.

It offers a great menu of French cuisine, and that makes it a great place for so many people to visit. So, if you are looking for an elegant restaurant, this is the place to be.

De Kas

It is located in a greenhouse next to a park known as Frankendael. Can you imagine how wonderful the place looks when light pours from the glass ceiling? The restaurant gets its fresh greens and herbs from the greenhouse, and that makes the food even greater since you are assured of eating fresh vegetables. It is known to serve European flavors and also it is even greater for vegetarians.

De Kas is also known to have an ever-changing menu, and that allows you to taste a variety of foods.