Events in AMS

Amsterdam Weekly keeps you updated on all upcoming events so you can prepare yourself in time. We make sure we find out all the information we need about this events, and in that way, all you need to do is visit our website to be updated.

Here is a glimpse of some of the upcoming events.

Light Festival Amsterdam

This is an event that normally occurs each year during November to mid-January. It is an event where various international artists use their art to beautify the city. They install various lights which illuminate the city making it easy to view the entire city. With the lighting, the monuments, the buildings and all the great places in Amsterdam are illuminated such that they look transformed. If you have been in the city earlier, you should visit it once more to see the difference. The city just looks magical.

Can you imagine spotting the sculptures all the way from the city? Also, imagine walking down the streets with your loved one with all the lights shining so bright. It is a romantic place to take your loved one. Book your tickets early enough to take part in the event.

Ice Amsterdam

Are you a lover of ice skating? The yearly event which is usually in the months of mid-November to February is finally here. You have a chance to ice skate together with other lovers of skating. If you are looking for a nice place to take a few laps, visit the Museumplein and if you need to see the most beautiful ice rink, make sure you skate just some miles in front of the great Rijksmuseum.

And just like in the previous years, there is an Amsterdam drawbridge from which you can watch international beginners trying to join in our traditional ice skating. In addition to skating, there are lessons which you can enroll and also if you are not a lover of skating, there are other activities such as curling prick sledding and ice hockey.

You will find various stalls which offer various refreshments, and that means, if you want to relax, there are great places to visit. Do not miss out on this place.

World Christmas Circus

Ever participated in a Christmas circus before? If you have, you already know how much fun it is. In this year, the international world class Christmas circus returns to Amsterdam. It will be starting on the 21st December 2017 to 7th January 2018. It will be featuring the famous crème de la crème of the world circus. Do not be left out in this event. It will be one of the events you will never forget. Remember: it is not the normal Christmas circus. It is a world-class event that only happens once in a while.

Those are some of the leading events happening in the near soon. However, there is also the Flower market event, Leidseplein and the Dam where a big Christmas tree is set. Keep visiting our page to be updated on all the events.

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