Enjoy yourself with a no deposit bonus

We can understand that you, like everybody else in Amsterdam, are bummed out about the limitations that are imposed on us due to the Coronavirus pandemic. But as Dutch people we don’t like to mope around. Instead, we try looking for alternative things to do. And we recently found one that we like to share with you. Actually, we stumbled across it when watching a video on YouTube. Then we got curious and surfed to the casino website that was advertising during the video. We definitely liked what we saw and we’ll tell you why.

Free stuff from the casino

If you have been in Amsterdam for a while, you might know that we like our free stuff. And in casinos you can find a lot of this. Well, you won’t exactly get any goodies unless you attend a casino fair or another event that is visited by casinos, but you’ll get something much better. Free stuff from the casino often comes in the form of a bonus. Which is free money that you can turn into real money, in case of a no deposit bonus. With a bit of luck of course. And by choosing the right games.

Search for the best casino bonuses

We are sure that you have gotten interested by now, but don’t be fooled. Finding an interesting no deposit bonus is not as easy as it sounds. It takes a bit of searching on the internet, but of course you can be lucky and stumble upon a great casino bonus right away. When we were looking for a bonus we used the search term bekijk de laatste casino bonussen. Since we are in the Netherlands, it might be best to look in Dutch as this search will provide you with casinos that accept players from this country.

No deposit bonus

You can search in an engine, but if you find a casino you like and it doesn’t offer a no deposit bonus, don’t worry. You can always try at a casino portal. This is a website that provides information about online gambling and also offers no deposit bonuses. If you are dealing with a good portal, they have quite close bonds with the casinos and can, therefore, negotiate the best bonuses. So it might be worth the extra search if that means you’ll get a no deposit bonus.

Casino bonus requirements

The casino bonus may be free, but that doesn’t mean that you can withdraw your winnings that easily. You will always need to fulfil a couple of requirements. First of all, you need to wager the amount and / or the winnings a certain amount of times to be able to withdraw it. With a no deposit bonus, this amount is a bit higher than with regular casino bonuses. And the problem with this is that not all the games in the casino count towards the wagering requirements. It depends on the casino which do count and which don’t, so it’s always good to get information about that before starting to wager your money. If you want to be safe, slot machines usually count 100%. It would be a pity if you realised too late that your favourite game doesn’t count towards the requirements because there is usually a time limit to fulfil this.